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, but you got the money and the time and the energy to pursue this rule. i read nearly 100,000 comments on this rule and that xl pipeline that is pretty controversial, maybe 7000 comments. this is a rule that is widely controversial. it has to be given the time, energy, and money, but you continue to pursue it, but there isn't enough money to answer the phones. i know we hear from time to time the argument is if you give the irs more money, they will collect more revenue. the argument is if you give the irs one dollar, you will get back four dollars or five dollars and maybe six dollars in revenue. if you do not give the irs money, the revenues will go down. it makes sense to say if you develop irs, it sounds like it -- if you give the irs money, sound like it makes sense. but there's no evidence that is true. often times, the opposite is true. the appropriations was increased with the irs and the collections went down. obviously there are other factors than just how much money the irs got. you got to look at inflation and population and tax policy. a lot of different fact race. last ye
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1